When you make a mistake – This is not about wrestling

I made a mistake.

Can‘t change that now.

Find out more by reading on!





It‘s one of those days again where I‘m not gonna write about sweaty men slamming into each other.

And it‘s probably also one of those days where this article won‘t turn out as good as it could.

Obviously I‘ve made a very huge mistake.

I‘m not gonna get into it much, but let‘s just say I‘m a moron and I possibly lost a friend because of it.

That gives you nothing, wow!

But that‘s what I want, so deal.




Instead of detailing how I‘m a moron I wanna focus on the lesson I took away from this.

Or several lessons, actually.

The first one is that I need to avoid beating myself up over it.

I‘m sure it will happen from time to time, but it won‘t do me any good to repeatedly shoot myself in the head with a rifle over and over again.

That‘d be too many holes for my body to fix on it‘s own.

I have made this mistake and there‘s nothing I can change about that now.

And with this particular mistake there‘s nothing I can actively do to fix it, so trying to figure that out will be skipped.

Instead I can try and figure out why I did it in the first place, and I went pretty deep and I think I‘ve got a pretty good idea now.

I tried to figure out what impulses, triggers and thought patterns brought me down that path.

As the Buddhists say, I stopped complaining about the darkness and just lit a candle.

My next step now is to try and figure out how I can avoid that same behavior in the future and how I can better myself through this experience.

I need to take this not as a loss, but an opportunity.



It is going to be unbelievably tough to change myself and living with this mistake will have consequences, but that‘s all the more reason for me to work on myself.

If I would change nothing, then I would‘ve made this mistake in vain.

If I can grow and become a better person for it, then at least I‘ve made some Lemonade out of my lemons.

And that‘s at least gonna wash the bad taste out of my mouth.





This was a little different.

Have you made mistakes?

Tell me in the comments.

Feel free to share my thoughts with your friends.

I‘ll see you next week for more Shenanigans.

Have a great Sunday!



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