Taking a little break



I’m taking a little break.

Find out more by reading on!




So, yeah.

You might’ve wondered why I didn’t release something yesterday, when Sunday’s usually release day.

Well, I’ve made the decision to take a break from this here blog for an as of yet undetermined amount of time.

I was kind of running myself into the ground, burning the candle not on two ends, but three or five.

That resulted in me spiraling into a fucking spiral that spiraled a bit out of control.

So I need a reset.

Not sure how long it’ll take, but I need to figure a few things out for myself.

I just need a break to figure a lot of shit out right now.

That’s basically all I have to say.

So, I hope you’ll all enjoy wrestling in the mean time and that you’ll be fine and well during these “trying times”.

Be well.

I’ll see you whenever with more Shenanigans!

Have a nice break from me!

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