Roman Reigns is a heel!



Roman Reigns is a heel!

Roman Reigns is a heel!

Roman Reigns is a heel!




I‘m back!

Well, kind of.

I‘m not promising a full blown return just yet, but two things happened that prompted me to write this.

One, I just absolutely need a break from pain, depression and 2020 and two… ROMAN REIGNS IS A HEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me fucking repeat that: Roman. Reigns. Is. A. Heel.

Roman Reigns is a heel!!!!!!!!



Please imagine me reaching through your screen and shaking you uncontrollably!

It‘s 2020 and we‘re in the middle of a fucking Black Mirror episode with a global fucking pandemic going on and WWE just gave us smarks what we‘ve wanted for so long!

Roman Reigns as a heel.

I know I‘m hammering this point home here, but it bares repeating.

How on earth did this happen?

Never in a million years would anyone of us ever have thought they‘d actually give us what we want.

Sure, the cynic in me thinks that Roman will just be a Face anyway even without his vest, with Paul Heyman and a dick attitude, but somehow I need this to go right.

I need Roman Reigns to actually be a heel.



I‘ve never hated him as a person, just what he stood for.

A WWE where only Vince gets what he wants.

Now, there‘s a billion things I could discuss about wrestling right now.

How Impact is actually amazing, how AEW is kind of boring, how Keith Lee is already ruined or how Randy Orton, the man I notoriously hate for being slow, has actually become one of my favorites now, or even how the Thunderdome is stupid and dumb and brilliant all at once.

But there‘s only one thing big enough to bring me out of hibernation: Roman Reigns is a god damn motherfucking freaking heel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The unheelable has turned heel!

The chosen one! The one they wanted to push down our throats because his shirts sold to housewives and kids.

The one dude who at one point actually retired the Undertaker and everyone was like: meh.

People legit hated Roman so much that WWE had to mute the boos while still trying to portray him as a face.

And why did we boo him?

We always knew this could work.

We secretly loved Roman.

We wanted the best for him. We wanted him to be a stoic bad ass who shows up, beats people and gets championships.

We never asked for Sufferin Succotash Roman, we always wanted bad ass Shield Roman.

And now it would seem like we‘re getting it.



At SummerSlam he attacked Braun and Bray after their match and he wasn‘t wearing a vest.

I was intrigued.

His protective gear attire always looked stupid to me.

He usually talked way too much.

And here he just beat people up, screamed a bit and then the show ended.

I still thought we‘de get a face Roman, just a bit angrier.

But when they panned the camera away on SmnackDown and it was revealed that he was sitting next to Paul Heyman… man, that got me!

You better believe I marked out big aka screamed like a little child.

Wrestling is the only thing that makes me yell out in excitement like a little girl and I love it for that.

Nothing else can do this, only wrestling.

He is without a shadow of a doubt a heel now. A bad guy.

Will they ruin this?

Only time will tell, but I will be watching WWE now for sure!

Believe that!

Oh, and Payback will be at least interesting and that‘s not a prediction, that‘s a spoiler!




Was the ending to this article too cheesy?

Let me know!

I‘ve been away from this, so be gentle.

Also, will you watch Payback?

Do you love heel Roman?

Tell me all the things!

I‘m not sure when I‘ll be back with something else, so I‘m just gonna wish you all a really happy pandemic!

Take care!




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