Johnny Depp has a Rock Band???

Yes, he does.

Apparently for five years now.

Find out more by reading on!




Sorry if you expected wrestling, but today we‘re not talking about that.

Instead, picture this for a minute.

You‘re having a lazy morning, just poured yourself some fancy tea (yes, tea IS fancy, thank you very much! xD) and you find yourself with a hankering for some good ole Alice cooper music.

Okay, maybe you don‘t, but I did.

This morning.

So, yeah, we‘re talking about me not you, sorry.


After listening to his biggest hit (Poison) you (and by you I mean me) look up what he‘s done lately and you find out that he‘s in a Supergroup called Hollywood Vampires.

When you see a picture of the band you go: “Hm, that dude looks kinda familiar, is that…no, it can‘t be can him?”

You think it‘s Johnny Depp, but that can‘t be right.

He can‘t be in a Rock Band with one of your favorite artists of all time, that‘s preposterous!

Surely you would‘ve heard of that by now, right?



Nope, it‘s true.

You (I) looked it up on Wikipedia, so it has to be true!

Your next action then is to listen to the album and that‘s what we‘re gonna talk about here.

Took me a while to get to the point, didn‘t it?



Let‘s turn back for a second and talk about the band as a whole.

As I‘ve already hinted at, the band‘s been active since 2015.

Hollywood Vampires was actually the name of a drinking Club formed by Cooper in the 70‘s that featured members such as John Lennon.

I don‘t even need to list other members, do I?

Alice Cooper and John Lennon are enough.

Just imagine drinking with these two… yeah, exactly!

But sadly John isn‘t with us anymore, so who else is in the band besides Alice?

Joe Perry, who‘s some Joe Shmoe from an unknown band called Aerosmith or something, and, oh Johnny Depp of course.

To date they‘ve released two albums, the newest of which is called Rise and I‘m listening to it right now.



Sadly enough Depp only sings lead vocals on four of the 16 tracks and two of those are duets.

Well, five if you‘re counting the Spoken Word closer Congratulations, which you should, cause it‘s a good track.

Perry only sings one of them, called You Can‘t Put your Arms Around A Memory.

I don‘t know about you, but that title just speaks to me on a deep emotional level.

It‘s a good title.

The song itself is kinda weird.

It‘s laid back and the melody is really nice, but Perry‘s singing… well, let‘s just say I‘ve never been an Aerosmith fan for a reason.

But your probably here because you want to know if Johnny Depp‘s tracks are good or not, aren‘t you?

The two highlights of the record are unarguably his cover version of Heroes by David Bowie and the duet with Alice Cooper called We Gotta Rise.

Depp does Bowie‘s Power Ballad total justice and We Gotta Rise is just so much fun to listen to.

It‘s a total Party Rock Anthem.

No, not like LMFAO – better.

The other songs by Depp are also pretty good.

The spoken word Congratulations provides a nice ending for the album and People Who Died is also a pretty fun track.

The last son, Git From Round Me, comes out of left field because it’s a Hard Rock song you don’t expect from Johnny Depp – or the rest of this album, basically.

It’s really loud and chaotically heavy and I love it.

But enough about Johnny Depp, what‘s the rest of the album like?

Well, the problem with a Supergroup is that you have to try to not let one personality take all of the attention.

Sadly enough Rise doesn‘t accomplish that.

It is essentially an Alice Cooper album that just so happens to feature Jack Sparrow and that Aerosmith dude your mom likes.

That‘s not necessarily a bad thing if you‘re into Alice Cooper, which I am, but for me it‘s not enough to justify the existence of this band.

Tracks from Cooper such as I want My Now or Mr. Spider are certainly highlights of this Classic Rock album, but they‘re nothing you couldn‘t get on any of his other albums and that‘s a shame.

But hey, I really want a Johnny Depp solo album now and I also had something else to talk about other than wrestling, so I guess this album was good for something after all.




Does the concept of Johnny Depp in a Rock Band also intrigue you?

Have you given the album a listen, what did you think?

Tell me in the comments.

Feel free to share my thoughts on the Captain Jack Sparrow Band with your friends.

I‘ll see you next week for whatever I come up with.

Have a great Sunday!


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