Does Pokemon Sword take me back to my childhood? – First Impressions


This week I‘m gonna talk about Pokemon Sword.
I‘ve only started playing but I still wanted to share my thoughts.
Find out more by reading on.




Originally I planned to release some of my previously written content today, but I couldn‘t find anything good because my PC is thoroughly unorganized.
So instead I‘m gonna throw at you like a Pokeball my first impressions of Pokemon Sword after playing for four hours.
It‘s been out for three days and I‘ve only put four hours into it?
Is it that bad?



Well, no.
It‘s just that I‘m trying to be a responsible adult and actually study and do my Uni homework and stuff.
Which, trust me, takes a lot of resolve as a long time Pokemon fan.
And this one makes it especially hard.
Now, I didn‘t pay any attention to the drama going on beforehand, so I‘ve no idea what that was about.
I‘m going in fresh.
But the fact that the graphics were criticized did reach me.
And yeah, there‘s no denying that it looks total jank.
There‘s also some performance dips here and there.
It‘s totally not a game that looks incredible on your big TV.
It looks fine when played in handheld mode though.
Which makes me believe it was designed with a focus on that.
So if you had been hoping for a big screen console experience with this one, well, you won‘t find it here.
But what you will find is an interesting take on the usual formula… and lots and lots of adorable little cutie Pokemon you just want to eat that‘s how sweet they are.
Yeah, so far all of the Pokemon I‘ve encountered were pretty well designed.
This had been lacking in previous iterations of the franchise.



What also had been lacking was the difficulty.
It was just way too freaking easy for an adult gamer.
This thankfully has been somewhat rectified.
You see, after the tutorial area (which, yes, is freaking easy and what you expect from a Pokemans game) you get thrown into an open area where you can freely explore and actually run into high level (around the 30 range) Pokemon and special Dyna-giga-whatsa-ma-callits which you have to beat with other online gaming gamers because they‘re so powerful.
It‘s great stuff that throws a welcomed wrench into the monotony of the Pokemon-Formula.



The four hours I‘ve played so far I have enjoyed immensely.
They went by like nothing and felt more like minutes than hours.
It‘s been a while since I‘ve had a four hour gaming session.
I wasn‘t a fan of Sun and Moon and hated the ever loving crap out of Let‘s Go Pikabland so the potential of this one excites me.
Pokemon after all is my favorite franchise in the entire galaxy.
I‘ve been a fan pretty much since day one.
And while I do hate to use it since it‘s a cliche I have to here.
There‘s something about this one that takes me back to the golden days when I was a kid.
When I had nothing to do but play Pokemon all day.
I remember playing Pokemon Red vividly.
I was away on a winter holiday with my parents.
It was heavily snowing outside and I was sitting in the common room of the hotel trying for hours and hours upon end to get out of the freaking Rock Tunnel.
It was magical.
I‘m getting the feeling that Sword and Shield might take me back to this magic and in today‘s climate we sure all need a little magic from time to time!




Are you playing Pokemon Sword/Shield?
How do you like it so far?
Tell me in the comments.
Feel free to share this magic of Pokemon with your friends.
I‘ll see you next week for whatever the heck I come up with.
Have a great Sunday.


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