Animal Crossing New Horizons: Social Distancing – The Video Game



Yes, this is not about wrestling.

Animal Crossing has put its spell on me.

Find out more by reading on!





First of all…yeah!

This is not the long promised Elimination Chamber Review.

It‘s not coming.

With all of the Corona stuff going on I just don‘t feel like sitting down and analyzing the last real PPV that we got.

It feels too painful to do now.

And I‘m also super lazy, so there‘s that.

But I am going to give you my quick thoughts before we move on.

Other than the main event (and the forgettable pre-show squash) the whole show was freaking brilliant and near perfect!

Shayna beating everyone in the chamber main event felt boring cause there was just a lot of fluff and not a lot of wrestling or chamber-shenanigans.

But the clear stealer of the show was that opening match between Beardy… Daniel Bryan, I mean, and Drew Gulak!

Like, holy shit!

What a perfect 5 out of 5 match that was!

And they even allowed the heel to faint instead of tap!

Just perfect!

Actually, by the end of the match Drew wasn‘t a heel anymore, because he had won over Daniel and the crowd with his sheer determination and skill!

Dude, what a match!

The rest of the show was also really good, especially that shocking Sami Zayn win over Braun.

Really great show and it saddens me to think that we‘ll never get to see what Mania was supposed to really be like…

But at least there‘s Animal Crossing!




Yeah, Animal Crossing is consuming my entire life right now.

Okay, maybe not my ENTIRE life.

I‘ve got friends who seem to do nothing but play New Horizons these days.

Looking at you, girl who called Daniel Bryan Beardy… man, she tends to come up a lot, doesn‘t she?

Actually, she bought me a luchador statue as a gift in-game!

I don‘t have Switch Online yet, but I‘m really looking forward to it, and…

Do you see what I mean?

This game consumes me!




This is my very first Animal Crossing and I didn‘t even wanna play it.

I was kind of peer pressured into buying it on a whim.

You see, all of my friends from uni have just been insane in the membrane for the past month or so for it!

It was insanity!

One of them even posted a daily countdown consisting of cute unicorn numbers…

And don‘t even get me started on the Froggy Chair memes!

Little by little I became just a tiny bit intrigued – and then the apocalypse hit!




Uni got postponed by two weeks (at least for now…) and my entire social life was about to crumble in front of my eyes due to Corona.

Suddenly joining the dark side felt like a good idea.

I would have something to talk to them about, and I‘d also have the prospect of online play in my future.

And if nothing else I‘d have a new game to keep me company during the literal apocalypse.

So I did indeed join the dark side – they have Froggy Chairs!

And I‘m broke now. Shit.




But yeah, I was about three days behind when I started playing the game and it has been a lot of fun.

Not all the time, I will admit, there‘s certain moments where I just get incredibly bored with it, but for some reason after a while the monotony always becomes enjoyable again.

How do they do that?

You do nothing but collect things, craft stuff, built out your island and whack the animal neighbors you hate over the head with a shovel.

It‘s not exactly a deep game and yet it often feels deeper than an RPG!

As a newcomer it has been really overwhelming at times.

Going back to my RPG analogy this must be what it feels like to a noob to play one for the first time.

You have absolutely no idea what everything means and have to figure out things as you go along.

For me that‘s part of the charm.

Well, that and the fact that pretty much everything down to the sound design and the cute diabetes inducing voices just oozes charm.

Everybody has described this game as relaxing to me and I don‘t really get that.

In life I get overwhelmed by a lot of things, so “having” to do all of those things in Animal Crossing should really stress me out.

If I don‘t talk to everyone each day I don‘t get the bonus and if I don‘t get the bonus, then… nothing. happens.

There‘s no consequences to anything.

You either do things or you don‘t.

And that‘s soothing.

I prefer the word soothing over relaxing.

Animal Crossing puts me at ease, while relaxation to me is the state of doing nothing and being okay with that.

Animal Crossing might get me to relax, but while I play it it eases me into that state, which means it‘s soothing.

Does that make sense?

I feel like it does.




Another source of stress for me was the fact that the Animal Crossing group the uni guys and gals created was just way too far ahead of me!

I still didn‘t have my shovel when they were already talking about Tarantula Islands, Bell Trees and Black Tulips!

Not to mention the fact that I now have over 2000 unread messages in that group.

But Animal Crossing slowly teaches me that it‘s okay.

Everything is okay just the way it.

I‘m learning it‘s core feature – to just play it the way I like.

It‘s like my own private Arcadia.

And yes, I stole that from Matt Hardy, who stole it from Dexter.

That‘s also what I named my island after.




In conclusion, Animal Crossing is the perfect game for the Corona Pandemic.

Nintendo couldn‘t have released it at a better time!

It almost feels as if they created the Pandemic themselves, just for Animal Crossing to sell even better!

It‘s just perfect right now.

Not only does it allow us to virtually meet up with friends who we are not allowed to see in person, it also provides us with our own private getaway.

Something we can have just for ourselves.

And it also teaches us that everything will be okay.

Everything will be just fine.

As long as you pay off your loan to Tom Nook, that is!





Well, I hope you enjoyed this little excursion into island life.

I needed a break from talking about Performance Center wrestling…

Still don‘t know if or how I wanna cover WrestleMania… it‘s just so sad…

But, are you playing AC?

Tell me in the comments.

Feel free to share this with your quarantined friends.

I‘ll see you next week for…something relating to WrestleMania?

I don‘t know yet.

Have a great Sunday!!!!!!!!



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