The big Big Show Show review review. No, wait, one review is enough.

This week I‘m covering the new Netflix sitcom about the Big Show

At first I hated it and now I kinda love it.

Find out more by reading on.




I never made a review topic more obvious than this one!

So freaking obvious!

But what‘s not obvious is the existence of this show.

A Netflix sitcom that‘s basically Fuller House, just with Big Show and a bunch of girls instead of boys?

Why does Big Show have a Sitcom?!

I don‘t get it!

Yeah, WWE is family friendly, has been so for years, but a sitcom still feels like a bit of a stretch.




And for the first few episodes you could tell that they thought the same.

Wrestling was more of an afterthought than the big hook, something that the later seasons of Glow are also guilty of.

And other than Big Show being the protagonist and one or two references to wrestling here and there the first five or so episodes were your typical Sitcom fare.

That rhymed!

It‘s about a daughter of his from another relationship moving in with him, his wife and his two really annoying children.

It‘s your basic Netflix sitcom.

And whoever fucking writes those has never met a child before!

Seriously, those aren‘t children, they are monsters!


At one point the eight year old one (JJ, I believe?) catfishes a makeup artist, and then she also gets hooked on candy as if it‘s a drug…and they constantly hint at her becoming a super criminal later in life.


My soul hurts.

They treat her being a complete maniac as if it‘s the most normal thing in the world.

It‘s no biggie – pun intended!




The humor is dumb.

Show has a really dumb sidekick who‘s just really dumb.

I‘m beginning to feel dumb now.

I can‘t write anything but dumb stuff anymore.

Hm, haven‘t I always?

It‘s family friendly to a fault.

And there‘s barely any conflict.




But all of the sudden something happened.

I gave in.

Now, every time they mentioned wrestling, or each time Big Show destroyed something cause he‘s a wrestler I lost my shit!

There was one joke in particular that got to me!

I won‘t spoil it, but it‘s during the Escape Room episode.

Trust me, it‘s good!

Tied into that is the humor growing on me as well.

And the little conflict that was there – such as the annoying child falling in love with her running made for school presidency – was oddly interesting on a morbid car crash kind of level.

Everything just started to feel nice.




I felt like someone had wrapped me in a big ol blanket and constantly whispered in my ear that he or she loved me.

It was the strangest feeling in the world.

I felt comforted by a silly TV show.

The weird cook-of seemed charming and even mascot phobia seemed like a completely plausible thing.

The biggest trick they pulled however was to actually focus on wrestling.

From Mick Foley, Mark Henry and a third wrestler I‘m too lazy to look up the spelling of his name of (he‘s the one who always shoved his ass into people‘s faces) guest starring, to some squash match shenanigans and Big Show‘s possible return to the ring being an actual plot point, they began to deliver what I had wanted all along.

A stupid dumb sitcom about wrestling.

I fell completely in love with it.




Blame it on Big Show‘s charm, or the fact that dumb sitcoms where you don‘t have to think are just so god damn comforting, but I really enjoyed the first season of the Big Show Show.

As dumb as it was it was just charming – just like every other sitcom!

But this time it had the best thing in the world: wrestling!




Did you enjoy the Big Show Show (dumb and yet brilliant name, right?)?

Tell me in the comments.

Feel free to share this dumb little review with your friends.

I‘ll see you next week for more shenanigans.

Have a great Sunday!



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