Top 5 Nintendo Switch E3 Wishes




Come on, a man can‘t only write about wrestling. I would go insane otherwise. Well, more insane at least.

I like games and I like Nintendo. I‘m not super into them and I would actually classify myself as a casual gamer but that doesn‘t mean I don‘t get excited come E3 season. I also own a Switch and pretty much nothing else (my gaming PC died a while back).

So I thought It‘d be a cool Idea to list my 5 Nintendo Switch related wishes for E3 time reveals.

Note that I will not include Animal Crossing, Smash Bros or Metroid Prime on this list. All three of them were never really my cup of tea, I‘ll still play them once they do come out, but I‘m not super excited for them like everyone else seems to be.





05: Revival of old and dormant Nintendo I.P.s:

This one seems like a no brainer to me, really. There‘s just too many great old Nintendo I.P.s to choose from that Nintendo has ignored for ages! There‘s two and a half in particular that I would love to see revived, brought back to life, on the Switch!

The half title first. Pokemon Snap! Oh my god, I loved that game so much on the N64! I didn‘t have my own one so I played it mostly at a friend‘s house and whenever he would lend me his console.

It‘s only counted as a half game, cause it‘s a Spin Off and not a main line entry.

F-Zero would be a main line entry though!

To this day the original is still one of my favorite games of all time, with one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time!

But if there‘s one franchise I want to be risen from the grave above all else it‘s gotta be Golden Sun! That was such a good solid JRPG series. It‘s a shame that more people don‘t talk about it.

Oh, right, I guess anything Mother related would also be pretty sweet.





04: Starfield for Nintendo Switch

I‘m pretty convinced that there‘s no question that Starfield from Bethesda Softworks will be announced. It‘s been heavily leaked at this point. I‘m just still not sure it‘s in the cards for the Switch, which is why my number four wish is a Switch version of the new Bethesda game.

They have been supporting the Switch pretty well so far and I have a feeling they had the game ready for last year but actually pushed it back to get it working on the Switch.

Todd, please tell me that it just works!

(I also want Elder Scrolls Online, but I‘d take Starfield over that.)




03: Ubisoft Open World Games for Switch (plus other 3rd party ports)

I‘m gonna lump a few ports into this one. But mostly I want anything Ubisoft. I‘m a sucker for the Ubisoft formula and playing assassins Creed, Far Cry or something else open worldy would just be too sweet (yes, that was a wrestling reference).

I also would like ports of Secret of Mana Remake, Final Fantasy 14 and 15, Red Dead Redemption (1 not 2 actually cause I‘ve never played it), Diablo 3 and, oh, a little indie game called GTA5, maybe you‘ve heard of it.





02: A decent WWE 2k game

Come on! Did you really think I could restrain myself from talking about wrestling for more than five minutes? I haven‘t really gotten into a WWE game since the Ruthless Aggression Era Smackdown PC games came out and when they announced 2k18 for the System I was really hyped… too bad is was one of the worst ports of all time!

I want a working version of a WWE game on my Switch! Please make WWE 2k19 and make it not suck this time around, so that I can finally play a wrestling game again!

And yes, if they hit it out of the park this time around I can even forgive the bad port of the previous iteration.

A good WWE game would just be glorious!




01: Pokemon!!!!!! Oh my Arceus, I want Pokemon so badly!

Gotta catch em all! Pokemon!

I‘m not ashamed to admit that Pokemon is my favorite franchise of all time. Pokemon Crystal is also my favorite game of all time, go figure!

There‘s just something about it that speaks to me. I can never quite explain the appeal of Pokemon, but I love it almost unconditionally. I say almost, cause Sun and Moon just plain sucked.

I‘m so ready to play Pokemon on my Switch though, it‘s unreal.

Please Nintendo, more than anything in the world I want a 2018 Release date announcement for my Pokemon fix. Make it a real, please!


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